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B i o g r a p h y

I am a singer/songwriter/pianist. I live in the upstate New York area, and work with numerous bands, musicians, and singers throughout the country. Primarily a pop and rock player in the early years, I discovered jazz music later on and have since been on a musical journey that has allowed me to play with many of the top talents in the business.
Most recently I have joined the two sides of my musical personality and feel like I've created a truly distinctive place for myself in the music tapestry.

I have been influenced by many artists. In the jazz instrumentalist genre primarily Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. Also in the vocalist vein I have been influenced by Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Ella Fitzgerald, Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughn and others.

Through the years I have played thousands of "gigs" from weddings and corporate functions to straight up club dates.  My current projects include  recording sessions, weddings and special events, freelance band performances and my solo gigs.
I hope to continue to grow as a musician and hope that as I go through this musical journey I have developed a distinctive sound/style of my own.
Peace and Love.


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